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The company has achieved a remarkable success in this area. This enables OSSC to meet the needs of affiliated oil companies for specialized technical manpower, thereby achieving profits that surpassed all expectations.


The following is a detailed account of these achievements:


1-     By the end of January 2012, the number of seconded employees was 681 employees seconded to affiliated oil companies such as Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait Gulf Oil Company and others. It is noteworthy that the company's increasing  activities and operations clearly underlined its capabilities and ability to fulfill all the needs of the affiliated companies for specialized  manpower.


2-     During the period from April 2011 to January 2012 the company generated profits amounting to KD 2,766,206, thereby surpassing the budget-estimated profits by  KD 1,079,479.


3-     Thanks to OSSC's never-ending endeavor to maximize the volume and business of the company in the field of specialized manpower seconding contracts, Kuwait National Petroleum Company has advised the Consultancy Services Department of the Oil Sector Services Company that we will be the only provider to fulfill their needs for specialized technical manpower required for vital major projects of by KNPC. Furthermore, Joint Operations have requested OSSC to transfer approximately 50 of its current staff to operate under the sponsorship of the company